Corporations need effective technology solutions to support today’s work practices and to optimise efficiency and productivity in the workplace. With mobile workforces and agile work environments, intelligent package management and delivery tracking solutions and day storage systems need to be able to cater, if not, enable mobility and flexibility.

A secure locker that enables employees to store their personal belongings is no longer enough. With an agile work environment, an intelligent solution needs to address mobility, flexibility and security in the workplace and accommodate a wide range of possible usage scenarios – permanent use, temporary use, guest use or shared use. Our locker systems can truly transform your workspace – increasing employee satisfaction, maximizing team productivity and optimising interior real estate.

IT Asset Management

As the agile workplace continues to challenge traditional business processes and traditional working hours a more flexible, responsive solution for the distribution and management of IT assets is required.

Easy asset reservation and allocation, 24-hour drop / collection access, borrow and return, replenishment or deposit for service processes are fast becoming standard industry requirements. Asset management teams need a sophisticated locker solution to solve all these challenges and more.

  • Dynamic approach to supply chain management
  • 24 x 7 secure and convenient solution
  • Customizable workflow to meet specific needs
  • Real time reporting capabilities
  • API integration with third party applications
  • Modular and scalable solution
  • Can run as standalone kiosk or networked
  • Authentication options – RFID, QR Codes or other


Most universities and colleges face many of the same challenges regardless of their size or location. Space is a premium and every square foot is being examined for its cost effectiveness and the importance of its usage. At many schools, the largest space requirements come in the form of traditional mail receptacles and storage shelving for parcels pending pickup. With package volume exponentially increasing each year, more and more schools are faced with having to make the decision of moving away from tradition and embracing some of the latest and available technology options.

Our solutions enable you to implement storage systems that can work with existing RFID smart card (student card, library card, shop card, etc.), meaning a simple and efficient installation with your existing systems. We can also make the lockers a rental, free of charge or combination of both and the complementary locker management software provides an overview and management of every activity of each locker over the entire electronic locker installation. This provides a very low-cost maintenance solution during the entire life span of the locker installation.

Parcel Management

The rise of e-commerce has created a significant demand for parcel services within offices, hospitals, retail and universities, and our smart locker solutions have the ability to integrate with existing parcel tracking and notification workflows.

Ensuring a highly reliable and user-friendly electronic locking solution for a safe storage parcel delivery and pick-up services. The variety of business applications means that we can service:

  • Public post and packages
  • Workplace post/packages
  • Spare parts and field items
  • E-commerce / webshops
  • Rental items
  • Dry cleaning and serviced item returns
  • Secure medical supplies


Our technologies for the medical and pharmaceutical industries are opening new solutions for securely managing, tracking and auditing access to specialist equipment, drugs and instruments.

  • Control access at the bin/drawer/cabinet level
  • Record of who accessed a cabinet, when and for how long
  • Reminders to close and secure cabinets
  • Chain of custody management for controlled substances or special instruments
  • Monitor ambient temperature at the bin, drawer and cabinet level


We also offer a complete solution for leisure and sport facilities. Our electronic locking system for short- and mid-term lockers (for daily and weekly users / visitors) and various access control solutions ensure a safe storage of personal belongings of your guests and also offer you a full control over guest flow from and into your facility.

Furthermore, with a cashless vending solution, your guests are able to use their wristbands or smart cards within your facility to pay for food, drinks and additional services you offer (and settle it at the exit).

A peace of mind of the guests is the key to success in any of these applications:

  • Waterparks
  • Ski Resorts
  • Wellness & Spas
  • Fitness
  • Beaches
  • Hotels
  • Golf Courses
  • Amusement Parks and other.